The Lion King The Musical – Review

I recently went to see The Lion King Musical in London and I already want to go back.. It was just perfect.

I could not flaw anything. The music, the acting, the choreography, the costume design, the set design, the singing, the script, the make up, the humour… even the lighting. The whole musical was performed perfectly. The opening scene was definitely my favourite, luckily we sat in the stalls right next to the left aisle, so we practically got first seat experience with all the animals going up to the stage. The minute ‘The Circle of Life’ started playing, the goosebumps appeared and practically never left throughout the whole musical, the voices on the actors are completely breathtaking.

The voices on Brown Lindiwe Mkhize (Rafiki) and Nick Afoa (Simba) were completely flawless and they really made the whole musical in my opinion, especially when they sang ‘He Lives in You’ (which is by far my favourite song). It is no wonder that this show is a best seller, even though it has been playing since 1999!

I definitely will be singing the whole soundtrack for a very long time from now on. Well done Julie Taymor and The Lion King cast.


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