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The End of University.

On Wednesday 3rd May 2017 I handed in my dissertation which marked the end of my university studies. I spoke about this in a previous blog and now it has happened and I already finally feel like an adult.

My dissertation topic was on how digital technologies are putting the profession of the graphic designer at risk, which helped me gain an in-depth in sight into the theory and history of graphic design and new technologies. I put my hands up, I didn’t choose an easy subject (there were hardly any texts on this subject), but I purposely gave myself a challenge to make me feel extra proud on my work in the final outcome. So when I signed and handed in my work, I left the media building with the biggest grin on my face and made my way to Costa to treat myself to an Iced Latte and a Raspberry and Almond Bake.

It’s finally over.

Now comes the hardest part about finishing university, getting my mind and body to a good place and to find myself a new career path. I want to carry on with this blog and talk more about health, beauty and my developments in life. I want to create some little side graphic design projects for myself to place in my portfolio. I want to buy myself a new car. Spend more time with my family, my boyfriend and his family and most importantly start enjoying my life.



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