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GO Gelato.

I feel like I have been quite late with the trend of the famous ‘Freak Shake’ hype, but after a failed attempt at having one in Wales, me and my boyfriend (being the massive foodies we are) decided it was time we had a taste of what everyone was raving about.

…and I totally get it. The Freak Shake is amazing.

Go Gelato is the cutest little ice cream parlour based in The Strait, Lincoln City, UK (just before Steep Hill). Go Gelato serve italian gelato, frozen yoghurts, milkshakes… and of course the Freak Shake. You are greeted with an array of different ice cream flavours and I didn’t see one single unhappy customer. We looked at the menu, I chose the Ferrero Rocher Freak Shake and Jason decided on the Nutella Freak Shake. We took our seats and waited.


The cafe’s interior was very pretty, it was nicely decorated and reminded me of one of those little cafe’s you would get by the seaside. The staff were also extremely lovely and welcoming. When our FreakShakes came I think the only words I said was “Oh wow”. They were served in glass mason jars with  chocolate spread and hazelnut sprinkles smothered along the top of the jar. Mine (Ferrero Rocher) was decorated with whipped cream, Maltesers, chocolate sauce, a wafer, a flake and of course a Ferrero Rocher, with Jason’s (Nutella) decorated with popcorn, Maltesers, a wafer, a flake and chocolate sauce.

The milkshakes themselves were amazing and was very fulling. If you plan on going here, make sure you have a empty stomach. You definitely get your moneys worth, the presentation and overall taste was very impressive, along with the lovely environment. I would recommend to anyone.

Go GO Gelato!


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