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Tips To Quickly Improve Your Mood.

Anxiety is a very common mental illness that affects majority of young people, I believe that everyone has some form of anxiety and we all deal with in different ways, some better than others. It can be extremely difficult to get out of those low moods, and for those who are going through big life changes, it can be a really tough time to keep yourself positive. In todays post, I have made a small list of all the things that I do to make myself feel happier and try to keep my mind in a positive state:

  1. Listen to your favourite upbeat music.
  2. Bake a cake. 
  3. Have a bath. 
  4. Write down all your worries on a piece of paper then rip that piece of paper into little pieces.
  5. Talk to someone who makes you happy. 
  6. Plan a trip in the future. 
  7. Make a list of all the things you want to achieve in the next year.
  8. Exercise. 
  9. Tidy your room. 
  10. Take funny selfies of your self and laugh at them (or even share with close friends and laugh with them)

A lot of these pointers are quite self explanatory and are actually very easy to do. They never fail to bring me out of a bad mood. Thank you for reading todays short post and I would love to hear some of the things you do that keep you happy!


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