Love Yourself.

Confidence is one attribute that I have lacked in majority of my life. But since turning 20 last year and having a lot of time to think about where I am going in life has giving me a chance to look at myself in a very different way. Society changes constantly but the one thing that seems to be a recurring issue in schools, the workplace or even when you walk into the shops is the fact that everybody judges. People will always judge you, whether it is the colour of your hair, the way you apply make up, the clothes you are wearing, the hobbies you love etc and it can cause you to look at yourself in a very negative way. I will admit, it is awful being at the receiving end of it and it is difficult going through early stages of life especially, because when you’re young you have so much more pressure on yourself to be accepted, but when you grow older you start to block those other people out and you start to accept yourself for who you are.

It is difficult to block those people out completely but it is so important to do, don’t let anyone ever bring you down for something that makes you different or something that really makes you happy. You will learn that unfortunately you will always get people through all walks of life that will judge you for anything you do, but you will always find people who do accept you for who you are and it is important to focus on those people who want the best for you. Don’t stand for anyone who tries to put you down behind your back or in your face.

A lot of self-love comes with age and experiences, I wouldn’t say that I am 100% confident or comfortable with who I am but I have come such a long way to how I was when I was 14. I am able to do things now that I would have thought about when I was younger and would have never imagined being able to do it. As you do grow older and come out of being a teenager it is important to step out of your comfort zone and start listening to the things you want to do and that make you happy. Do those moments and be proud of them.


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