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How to save money on your food shop.

Todays post is all about ways to save money when doing your weekly food shop. Since being at university I have been able to find new ways of saving my money and one of the biggest ways I did this was cutting back on my weekly shop. In first year I spent around £30 – £40 on my food shop a week, which is pretty ridiculous seen as I am only feeding myself, but I also noticed that a lot of the food I was buying from the supermarket could be found a couple pound cheaper elsewhere. When I went into second year I started to re-evaluate my food shopping habits and I ended up spending around £15 – £20 a week on food, which was a huge improvement. Below I have listed just a few of the main things I did to change how much I was spending on food:

  1. Try shopping at a convenience store instead of a supermarket. I found that when I went shopping in a supermarket I was buying things that I really didn’t need and was just buying it because it was there. Because there is significantly less items in a convenience store then you don’t have the freedom to look at a large selection of food, so you find yourself actually sticking to your shopping list. However make sure you stick to large chain convenience stores as smaller business tend to be a little bit more expensive.
  2. Visit your local butchers. Make sure you venture out into town and see what the prices are in a butchers compared to a supermarket, you might be pleasantly surprised and they do a really good variety of meat.
  3. Visit your local fruit and vegetable market. This pretty much goes hand in hand with the butchers. Fruit and Vegetable markets are usually so much cheaper than buying out of a store, they tend to be a lot fresher as well.
  4. Frozen food. Frozen food is an absolute life saver when you’re at university and just in general. As long as you are keeping to the healthy selection like vegetables or fish, also take a look to see if they have any good deals going. Try buying frozen spinach or peppers to add into pastas, you’ll find that frozen food will last for a very long time and it is a lot easier when it comes to cooking.

Try these methods out on your next food shop and see if you save on money, it might just depend on location but it has really helped me out with making sure I don’t over spend on food which is so easy to do.  I’d love to hear about your tips in saving money when it comes to your food shop or if you try any of these methods and they have worked out for you.


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