Graphic Design

Design: How to create a space texture background in Photoshop.

For a recent graphics project I had to design a branding package for a fictional company called “Space Face”, for this I wanted to create a space texture to add onto posters, packaging and the website design. Although this tutorial won’t make a 100% realistic space background, it will make one that looks quite relevant and you can adjust it to add more stars and more colour. Plus it is really simple and only includes a sheet of paper and photoshop.

Step 1: Take a plain piece of paper and scan it into your computer. Open it in photoshop.

Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 12.07.35.png

Step 2: Desaturate the layer and then select Invert (Image > Adjustment > Invert) which should turn the image black.

Step 3: Go on the levels panel (Image > Adjustment > Levels) and play around with the input levels, you will notice that little specs of white noise will appear on your document. For my project I have put in the levels to 4 – 3.17 – 51, but you can change it to whatever you want if you want more star-like dots. If you want to add some colour into it, then make sure you include a bit of noise by adjusting the third curser higher, making sure to keep the image as black as possible.


Step 4: If you want to add colour, then go on the brush tool and select the “Colour Dodge” mode. Select a dark blue colour and starting colouring the edges of the image. Then go for a medium blue colour in the middle of the image. Then go for a turquoise colour in random places of the image. If you want more prominent colour then go over each colour a couple times, which should brighten it up.


Step 5: Once you have happy with the colours, change the mode of your brush to overlay, change the colour of the brush to black and then change the opacity down to 20%. Go over the whole of the image to tone down the colours. Once your happy with it, then you can export.



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