The End of a Chapter – a blog post to myself.

When I last posted on this blog site I can honestly say I was a completely different person, my interests, personality and life goals have changed and this is all down to my experience at university (and also because I have grown up). Here is a snippet of context into my university experience:

It was nearly two years ago now and I was loving university. I had a group of friends, I was going out probably a healthy amount for an 18 year old and any worries I had probably was no where near as bad as I thought they were. First year university was a great time, I made a lot of memories and was probably the happiest I have ever been at university.

Before university, I never went to parties, never really had a large amount of friends and I spent probably way too much time on my own, which is one of my biggest regrets in my life. So when I came to university, everything was very exciting and new, it was great. But when second year came, everything changed for me. One of my closest friends I made at university dropped out and I was driven out of my original flat due to my anxiety, so the start of second year was not as great as I hoped it would be. I also went from spending an amazing first summer with my then fairly new boyfriend to going hundreds of miles far away from each other, so the loneliness kicked in extremely fast. Despite having my family and my boyfriend there to talk to on the phone and occasionally visit, I was completely alone. Which I don’t think was that bad, as I passed all my modules and I was ahead in most subjects compared to the people around me who prioritised going out partying over their education, I believe this is what made my personality change.

I won’t go into much more detail about my experience at university, but you get the picture… in summary I haven’t enjoyed it. Don’t get me wrong, I have really enjoyed my course, in fact I have enjoyed it so much that I am still wanting to pursue a career in it. Now I am in third year and in approximately 78 days I will have packed up, gone back to my lovely countryside home and finished university completely and I wanted to write this to kick start my next chapter in life (also potentially procrastinating a little). I want to start blogging more, and talking about designs, trends, baking and memories I want to look back on in 10 years time and smile. Whether this will happen right now, probably not as I am currently in the most stressful and hectic time of my life, but it will happen this year.

This point of this post was for myself to just pause from life for ten minutes and just take a breather. After university is done, it’s time to move back home, find a job (hopefully in design / social media) and start the next part of my life which I am so excited about. Because even though I have found university the hardest thing in my entire life, I didn’t give up, I have proved to myself that I can do it, it has made me a much better person and I am so proud of myself. Plus I will have a qualification in a subject I am lucky enough to be so passionate about, which at the end of the day.. is what going to university is all about

Maybe university was worth it in the end.


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