University Life.

So I have experienced one of the biggest life challenges and a big change to my life that many young people experience when wanting to excel in a career of their choice, that challenge being… university! Its been emotional, I will admit.. but I wouldn’t change it for the world. To those of you special few who have decided or are waiting to go to university I have decided to write a list for you freshers to prepare for the biggest and best year of your life!

1) Make sure you take enough plates and cups for yourself, but not too many.. you’ll start to find some of them seem to disappear or your flatmates have adopted them for their own. Trust me, its the worst thing in the world when you start seeing unwashed greasy plates and cutlery because you don’t feel the need to wash up as you already got 4000 more in your cupboard.

2) Get socialising on Facebook! This is the only thing I praise Facebook for, is its ability to help you make friends across the country! Set up Facebook chats before you arrive at university with your course mates and flatmates, it kinda breaks the ice before you’ve even met them, and you don’t feel too awkward repeating small talk every five seconds on freshers week.

3) Buy everything cheap, even when it comes to tooth brushes. At some point something will be ruined or smashed and how gutted would you feel if its thats £50 casserole dish you bought from M&S. Shop in pound land or Wilkinson’s, keep things cheap and simple.. it’ll save you a lot of money and grief!

4) Join schemes, societies and sports! Try something new, have a hobby! University is all about gaining new experiences, and this doesn’t mean just on your course. You’ll meet more people and its a good break in your studies! Remember, if you have gone to university and have just done university, you have done it all wrong.

5) Even though you’re a fresher, don’t forget you do actually have to study. So many people have the same mind set of ‘first year doesn’t count’, which is true, in theory, but your grades and your attendance does impact you in your choices for second year. Always put your studies before anything else but in the same vain, have fun! Don’t give yourself too much pressure.

6) Remember your parents/careers are still their for you. You may be excited to get away from home and build your independence but you will get homesick and you will be wanting your mums advice when it comes to deciding on the best laundry detergent. Its happened to us all!

7) Unless you’re a millionaire DO NOT TAKE YOUR CARD OUT ON NIGHTS OUT WITH YOU. There is nothing worse than waking up hungover and realising you blew £100 on jaeger bombs because you were feeling merry! Just don’t. Don’t do it!

8) Most importantly, have fun! Enjoy this time, its never coming back! Its hard at points and you will question why you’re doing it but once its over you’ll be begging to go back and wishing it could start all over again! I wouldn’t change my experience of being a fresher for anything!

These are just a few things I would suggest on preparing for your first year. Remember this is a big step in finding out who you are and what your future holds!


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