2014 has so far really hit the nail on the head when it comes to producing amazing blockbuster movies, so I have decided to share with you the top five must see movies of 2014..

1) Neighbors – Director Nicholas Stoller has definitely got me excited for their upcoming movie with hilarious Seth Rogen and the charming Zac Efron, I will definitely be going to the cinema with my girls to see this film! Efron plays the badass college student who makes life hell for his next door neighbour and family man Rogen and his wife (Rose Byrne). I mean how can you miss this film!?

2) The Other Woman – 
Apart from staring the sexy and brilliant actresses Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann and Kate Upton.. this film is definitely a must see for all us women! It almost like a maturer version of John Tucker Must Die. This film looks funny, amazing, sassy and if it involves a revenge plot against the three-timing SOB then i’m definitely watching this! Proper girls night film so get your girlfriends together and enjoy!

3) Minions – This cute and wonderful spin-off of Despicable Me involves the story of the origins of the minions and tells us the story of what they were actually created for! What makes this a must see film is ofcourse the minions.. fun, entertaining, funny and sweet! Doesn’t matter how old you are these creatures will not fail to make you smile!

4) Maleficent – Now I don’t know about you but Sleeping Beauty is definitely my all time favourite disney princess film, so when I found out that they were creating this film I got so excited and I have already decided the day and who I am going with to see this film! Maleficent (Angelina Jolie) brings a sinister tone to the fairytale as well as telling us her side of the story.. Jolie brings a gorgeous yet terrifying character to the big screen.. definitely a must see!

22-Jump-Street.jpg5) 22 Jump Street – Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum bring back their comedic and sparkling relationship back while being assigned to go undercover at a college to bring down a corrupt fraternity. If you are looking for a good laugh then this is your film.. hoping Hill and Tatum can pull off a hilarious performance like 21 Jump Street. Also lets not forget, who wouldn’t want to see Channing on the big screen?!

I for one will definitely being seeing these films in the cinema, I dont care who and how I watch these films.. I WILL be watching them! If I have left any good movies out that you are looking forward to that will be coming out then comment below so I can check them out! The first film I will be going to see will be Neighbours.. or Bad Neighbours? It changes every time!! Anyway thanks for reading and hope you have a lovely evening! I wont be posting any major posts over the next fews days because I have work and a Art Exam coming up but I will try my best to write something… even though I doubt many people actually read my blog haha!

Have a good evening guys! xx



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